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As you will see, this issue brings much news and information on the goings-on in the world of hepatitis C.  Most exciting is the new life being breathed into the national hepatitis C bill, currently before congress.  A new year always brings hope for things to come: a clean slate, a new beginning, a mark in time to make a change. We wish you every inspiration to accomplish your goals this year.

In this issue, we share a draft of Ann Jesse’s testimony before the Committee on Government Reform – including some eye-opening graphs, the latest information from last fall’s AASLDconference, a recent statement of long term prognosis for patients with sustained response to interferon, and a report of six common complementary and alternative therapies used to treat hepatitis C.   Because livers are such amazing organs we offer you a simple review of their anatomy and functions plus a comprehensive article on how to best promote liver health.  In addition, we highlight special cautions for the HIV/HCV co-infected patient during cold and flu season.  Hep C Connection’s strong commitment to collaborative efforts resulted in a HepSquads workshop last fall, and will lead to a statewide Colorado conference on viral hepatitis and co-infection this spring.  Have a healthy winter!